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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Model Of Morals For Modern Times

What would a model
Of morality look like?
Is it executable?

Would it require justice for all?
Who would define justice?
Would economic justice require
That a man have what he wants,
Or what he thinks he needs,
Or what I think he needs?
Assuming that I am qualified to think
Such thoughts.
For others might seek to delegitimize me.
How might we profitably fight over it?

Everyone should have justice,
Even if they don't understand truth.
We'll define truth for them.
If they don't like it, we'll arrest them as an enemy
Of good order and discipline,
Or a blasphemer,
Or a heretic.
For truth and justice are necessary in a moral state.

Should a man be permitted,
To send a man's son,
To fight and die,
If he hasn't done the same,
Or hasn't sent his own son?
The answer should be obvious,
But the proof,
By experience,
Is missing,
Or in error.
Combat in defense of
Another's country,
Carries tenuous moral baggage.
If another's country is important,
Send your own son,
To defend it.

Is food a right?
Who should be forced to grow it,
And how much
Should they be forced to give?
The UN World Food Program
Will tell you the moral level.
So they can feed it to folk,
Being starved by
This year's members of the
UN Human Rights Council.

Here's a 21st century concept,
Let's rehydrate Darfurians,
So that we can starve them again
When they become South Sudanese.
That gives us more weapons sales
For the Chinese.
More work for UN food bureaucrats,
More feel good giving for western ninnies.

Now that's a moral stance.
It's a trick of metaphysics,
To decouple morality
From Human rights.
That's an executable model,
What curious Algorithms it must employ.
No one else could.

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