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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Westward Bound at Dusk

Red sky at dusk
A beauty sublime
Rests on our mountains
For moments in time
Gone all too soon
Close your eyes
Imagine the clouds
Hanging like blood
Before your eyes

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Ghost of The Catamount

The catamount,
It does appear,
From our fair Commonwealth
Has disappeared,
It's just as gone
As gone can be.
Just ask the state
Environment folk,
They'll tell you
It's extinct in our fair land,
As is the Nittany Lion,
From its home
Of Pennsylvania.
They say the only Nittany Lion left
Is frozen in perpetual leap
Outside the Penn State football field.
And as a proof,
Her moaning call
Is heard no more
Throughout the Pennsylvania mounts.
We've slain those big cats
One and all
From the Allegheny
To the Blue Ridge.
So when a giant cat
Stretched herself full out
Before our car
Just to cross the street
At the time of her desire,
Not one moment sooner,
Nor one moment later,
We might have almost hit a ghost,
But she didn't stick around
To tell us who she was.
The great cat speaks not,
But goes about her business,
If she's there,
And if she's not,
What the heck was that
That crossed the road?