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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jerry Falwell's Last Audience

Jerry Falwell died,
You know,
He entered to eternity,
St Peter wasn't at the gate,
The gate was plain
But well maintained,
He had to open it himself,
He entered in,
And found an escort,
Found a place to stand in line,
Eventually he came to stand,
Alone before a holy shrine,
A disembodied voice said 'Hi,'
We're a perfect fit for you,
Jerry smiled that smile,
The one he saved,
Saved for preaching on TV,
He told the voice,
I always gave,
All faith,
And honor,
And all glory,
To your only son,
And Jerry smiled
That famous smile,
Too bad his congregation
Wasn't there to bask in it,
And then the voice said,
What son?

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