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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hiroshima - August 6, 2012

We set their air afire,
Just as they'd set our ships
With a great killing,
We brought to a stop,
Their killing,
A fairly rapid stop,
Perhaps too fast a stop,
Too fast for some,
For sure,
But who could know,
That these horrendous things,
Would come to pass but once more,
And now that bell tolls yearly,
Its lonely voice sings
Never again,
We hope.
Let us be sad
For those who died,
But let us not regret.
Their deaths bought life,
For others
Who did not have to fight.
Let revisionists glory in their guilt,
Their guilt is not ours.
We can pay our respects
To Enola Gay,
And to this day
Say well done.

Copyright 2012 by Gary L. Misch
All rights reserved - may not be reproduced without permission