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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day. I usually write a poem for my wife, rather than buying her a card. There was a certain amount of long distance courtship before she flew up to Virginia from Florida to marry me. When she got here she was wearing the most delicious sweater. This year, in order to take her to lunch, we had to get ourselves dug out of 18 inches of snow. It was a great lunch!

February 14th 2014

It's Valentine's Day again,
But I,
I still remember when,
You returned the call,
And set the journey
In motion.
Just a few calls,
A few notes,
A flight,
A sweater,
And something so much better.
As best friends,
Let us dance 'til the end,
'Til the end of our time,
With our hearts intertwined.
When we are together
Life really is fun,
And surely the best
Is yet to come.
Let's do lunch,
Or as soon as we
Can dig ourselves out.

Love, glm