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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Pay Phone

Folks in cities, and even suburbs, can count on pretty reliable cell phone coverage.
This has rendered the traditional pay phone an unprofitable, and rarely encountered
creature. With the population's heads perpetually buried in their smart phones, why 
would anyone seek out a pay phone? Unfortunately, here in the mountains, cell phone 
coverage varies from spotty to non-existent. That hasn't prevented the local phone 
company from ripping out our pay phone. Verizon has been called many things, 
but never public spirited.

Our pay phone is no longer known,
They’ve taken it away.
It’s gone as gone can be,
It left a hole outside our
One and only store.
So if you want to make a call,
Pull out your cell phone,
Fire it up,
It’s just as good as any brick,
Out here amongst the hills.
We’re sorry,
You’ll find no signal,
Not a peep.
If you need to make a call,
Go ten miles down the road,
You’ll find a pay phone,
And a signal for your cell phone.
Welcome to our mountain home,
Knock on any door,
And ask a human,
May I use your phone?

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